Big Oil Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh found an enormous amount of oil remaining in the environment from the Kalamazoo Oil Spill. In the summer of 2010, millions of gallons spilled into Talmadge Creek and Kalamazoo River. Enbridge, the Canadian Oil Company responsible, and the EPA signed off on these sites as 100% clean by the fall of 2010. John, armed with his rake and Blackberry phone, recorded thousands of hours of finding oil left in Michigan waterways after the cleanup was declared done. For years, he interviewed hundreds of victims and their stories. He was harassed and threatened with arrest by the Enbridge security forces many times over the course of this journey. John’s efforts helped to force Enbridge to completely clean up the affected areas; multiple times, in some cases.

Unlike conventional crude oil, Tar Sands Oil is particularly lethal because of the 20 deadly chemicals thinning this chunky mixture, allowing it to flow easily through the pipe. The chemicals; benzene, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, hexane, methane and propane are immediately released into the air during a spill. The high pressure and heat used in this process also means far more oil is released during a tar sands pipeline rupture. These chemicals cause immediate lung and breathing problems, fetal toxicity, leukemia, seizures, comas and in some cases, death.

John has spent 6 years and a considerable amount of personal time and money to uncover the truth about oil spills. Using much of his early raw footage, this independent film was created to give to the world for free; exposing how these companies treat their accidents and the victims these accidents create. Help John continue his journey of educating people about the dangers of oil spills and searching out more covered up oil by donating to his cause.

Big Oil Whistleblower John Bolenbaugh
Independent Film