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What he has captured on video is undeniable. [...]
Ted Genoways, six-time National Magazine Award winner, reporter onearth.org

Almost every day since, video camera in hand, he has documented[...] local people whose lives, health, and property have been damaged[...]   For the people of Marshall, Michigan, John Bolenbaugh may be the best chance they’ve got to hold a multinational corporation accountable for its ineptitude and arrogant disregard of their welfare. Scott Dodd is a Professor at Columbia University and Editor at onearth.org.

Kindle loves this project because… John Bolenbaugh’s selfless devotion to transparency and exposing dirty oil cover-up’s, makes him a champion whistle blower. John is a natural community organizer and mobilizer, tirelessly advocating for human and environmental health in the face of polluting industry.


The whistle blowers, like Michigan’s own, John Bolenbaugh, are extraordinary men, because of the sacrifices they make. These men put themselves on the line for what they believe in [...]   He has given us his career, his reputation, and his health, which may be the last thing that John has to give. He has spent his savings and has had his whole world turned upside down, in more ways than one. John was just another guy working on the pipelines when he was called on to protect this earth. His moral agony did not lead to his giving up on his moral agency [...]


Enbridge’s oil spill clean up plans challenged after Michigan oil spill video surfaces by Whistle Blower John Bolenbaugh. Which shows that Enbridge can’t be trusted to build the Northern gateway pipeline. https://www.commondreams.org/newswire/2011/04/08-14

John,  I live in Indiana I have been an environmental foreman for several pipelines. I am a working foreman not a pen pusher. I am currently looking to become an inspector somewhere. I recently checked out your works on YouTube and the internet , and I have to say “YOU THE MAN“!!!.. It is undeniable the scrutiny one can receive for doing whats right in this field, and for that you deserve a GOLD MEDAL. The damage that’s been done in Michigan is devastating to me and unacceptable. Its a shame that money is more important than the preservation of our environment. I wish you the best in this effort, and will tell people I know to check out your works. I’m nobody special but, thanks for what your doing there. Someday it will surely benefit everyone affected. By seeing your efforts, it makes me want to take my career more seriously than ever before. Best of luck to you..    Jeff M. Last name left out for his protection.

Chin up, buddy, you beat SET Environmental in court! Now your taking on Enbridge all by yourself. I am sure it feels like you’re David fighting Goliath. That is because you are. You do this because you are compelled to. Because your moral compass points in that direction. Because YOU CARE.                         Kenny from NJ radio and Occupy DC. 

Thank you, John. No one does what you do, the way that you do. Your dedication is very admirable. You are a true American hero!!!    NEISY Internet and radio brodacaster

John, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to the people in Michigan, to earth and all creations, as well to my own children.The sacrifices you make and chances you take by exposing this evil will benefit all of our children. Indifference will be the destruction of our children’s future and good people like you willing to stand up and fight will always have the support, prayers, respect and love of my family and the    Ojib we of Roseau River First Nation. Megwetch. Regina Southwind.


John you are more than a squeaky wheel to Enbridge. You are a Locomotive that just wont go away.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzPXx9Hbdsg    Curtis E. Enbridge sub contractor / oil spill worker

Enbridge harasses you as a form of scare tactic. And you don’t scare easy. Your not going to stop. I take my hat off to you. I commend you because your giving 110%. There are very few that would have gone as far as you have. The Death threats that you receive are wrong, but that’s to be expected when your costing large corporations lots of money.           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF69GnH8rTQ       Jim R. Environmental Inspector and Enbridge sub contractor



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