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A Whistle-blower’s Account of the Kalamazoo Oil Spill

John Bolenbaugh | Whistleblower

A citizen whistle-blower from Kalamazoo, Michigan tells the story of the catastrophic tar sands spill in 2010 and his successful efforts to expose the company’s cover-ups. John’s exposure forced the EPA to demand that the pipeline company Enbridge re-clean the covered up areas and re-dredge the river at an estimated cost of $600,000,000.

John Bolenbaugh lived on the Kalamazoo River when the tar sands oil spill occurred in 2010. John was a victim of the spill as well as his family and his dog. He has been featured on C-span, Huffington post, NPR, Mother Jones and hundreds of local and national news and radio organizations following the spill in 2010. His footage has been included in a half dozen tar sands documentaries, and his story was included in the E-book The Whistleblower by OnEarth Magazine.

In 2011, John was asked to speak outside of the White House by 350 .org founder Bill McKibben. John has traveled around the country several times to give speeches and to document the Kalamazoo, Yellowstone, Mayflower and the Gull oil spills. He is a Navy veteran with a bronze Star, Union member, pipeline fencing supervisor, head yard boss appointed directly by Enbridge.

As a clean up worker for S.E.T environmental (subcontractor under Enbridge) John became the whistleblower for the largest tar sand oil spill in north American history. John’s truth telling about the cover-up forced the pipeline company Enbridge to re-clean several dozen areas that were signed off by Enbridge, EPA and DEQ as 100% clean. John’s exposure forced the EPA to demand that Enbridge re-clean the covered up areas and re-dredge the river at an estimated cost of $600,000,000.