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Yet for the people of Marshall, Michigan, John Bolenbaugh may be the best chance they’ve got to hold a multinational corporation accountable for its ineptitude and arrogant disregard of their welfare. Scott Dodd is the editorial director of NRDC, which publishes OnEarth


KindleProject.org loves this project because... John Bolenbaugh’s selfless devotion to transparency and exposing dirty oil cover-up’s, makes him a champion whistle blower. John is a natural community organizer and mobilizer, tirelessly advocating for human and environmental health in the face of polluting industry.


What he has captured on video is undeniable.  Bolenbaugh’s caustic style has made him a divisive figure among locals — a selfless hero to some, … crusader to others.  Ted Genoways, OnEarth‘s editor-at-large, is a author and has won six National Magazine Award


Enbridge screwed up bad. They stopped caring about people. This is a piss poor company that should care more about people than oil. They should care about their environment that they’re living in. do you want to drink oil for your coffee? Money ain’t everything. Thank you John for doing the right thing when no one else would.  Union worker Rob


“ John is very necessary, in order for things to progress and get to where we need them to get. Some times it takes a person like John. To do exactly what people like Dr. Martin L. King did. To be Bold enough and confident enough to do the the right thing to make a difference in the lives of people. The things John has done, is now getting the results we are looking for to correct the wrong. One thing I loved about John was that he wasn’t getting paid to do this. Its something he deeply and passionately believed in. There are many of us county and local official that stand by John. I am confident that I am standing next to the right guy, because John did what was right. ” Michigan House of Repersentatives: Terrance Todd




UNDER OATH: TRUTH IS WE DIDN’T HAVE A CLUE. There was a lot of cover up and lies… It was a lot more dangerous than People wanted to publicize… From our S.E.T supervisor in front of our entire crew “Per Enbridge orders, Enbridge doesn’t want anyone talking to the EPA if they do you will be gone”. John got fired for talking to the EPA. I am fighting back tears, you have no idea how upsetting this is. People are sick and dying over this stuff… Whats going to happen to me 10 to 15 years down the road? Enbridge was more worried about the P.R… You have to have a conscious, what is a human life worth, what is the towns safety worth… The workers were putting there lives on the line for Public relations… To be honest if John wouldn’t have made all the stink he made you guys would have been gone a long time ago after the first season and would have only done the minimum… Enbridge was forced to come back because of John. Maybe Enbridge had the EPA in their pockets because they were closing down areas and we were still getting oil up. It was ridiculous, it wasn’t done! I am only here because I am being forced to testify and I have to tell the truth. I don’t personally like John even though he tried to be extra nice to me. He just rubbed me the wrong way because he was rocking the boat and I didn’t want to lose my job… John dug into this deeper, what John did was the right thing. I think this world needs more John Bolenbaughs in it, because I Kevin Jacobs obviously didn’t step up. ”


I now know from experience John is a man of integrity and Honor. John has spent countless hours exposing Enbridge corruption. His dedication to his community, to the State of Michigan and to this Nation is proof of his selfless service. John is a true red blooded American hero that loves his country and the people in it. John would do anything and everything for his fellow man. ” Garret Murry

John it’s Kenny from NJ radio and Occupy DC/Keystone XL demonstration at The White House. Chin up, buddy, you beat SET! It feels like you’re David fighting Goliath because you are. You do this because you are compelled to. Because your moral compass points in that direction. Because YOU CARE. kjcsinger YOUTUBE


“John was fired for reporting an oil cover up to the media that made Enbridges reputation look bad” S.E.T attorney – Sub contractor to Enbridge


Enbridge supervisor told us to release John from oil spill work sites after John reported a cover up the night before.                       

S.E.T head supervisor


John Bolenbaugh did not violate S.E.T policy and was wrongfully fired, and will receive benefits.
State of Michigan Unemployment Agency investigation



Nebraska XL Tar Sand Blockade. Uploaded 3/10/2013
Francis Nalazek 2 days ago
Thank you, John Bolenbaugh – – – KEEP ON FIGHTING…

Environmental Inspector calls Enbridge a liar. Uploaded 2/26/2013
PeaceOverPride 1 week ago
My Prayers are with you John, May God bless your journey in truth

Enbridge buried oil Jim Monaweck says, John Bolenbaugh. Uploaded 10/24/2012
SuperKatlou 1 month ago
Thank You! I am from BC and I am First Nations! I have posted to my page and going to share on the Idle No More Page! To me you are a hero!

Enbridge contractor admits cover up, Curtis Elliott. Uploaded 10/23/2012
FRIENDTARD 4 months ago
How the heck are you? I think of you often as you are in my heart! I love you friend! You are a Hero in my book!

goodluckwithallthat 4 months ago
Exposing the Truth with Video Proof! Nice work Mr. BolenBaugh. I, too, love you!! You’re courage is amazing.

Enbridge keeps lying 2012. Uploaded 10/22/2012
Danny Holroyd 4 months ago
Keep up the good work brother….i would love to have you on our big dog show. we would love to help with your message! contact me on my youtube page.

Enbridge Oil killed twin babies?? Uploaded 10/11/2012
kjcsinger 4 months ago
John it’s Kenny from NJ radio and Occupy DC/Keystone XL demonstration at The White House. Chin up, buddy, you beat SET! It feels like you’re David fighting Goliath because you are. You do this because you are compelled to. Because your moral compass points in that direction. Because YOU CARE. Continue making connections and building alliances, especially with environmental organizations like riverkeepers, sierra club, greenpeace, etc.
Go to them and ask directly face to face in person for help.

John Bolenbaugh, Debbie Hense sat in front of an Enbridge tree mover. Uploaded 10/8/2012
neisy2362 5 months ago
Thank you, as always, John. No one does what you do, the way that you do. Your dedication is very admirable.

John Bolenbaugh Wealth TV Tar Sand TV Show. Uploaded 10/2/2012
jacmunbong 4 months ago
sending you love and spirit power from oregon brother,youre my hero!!!

John Bolenbaugh, arrested and released and I still went back out an hour later full version. Uploaded 7/21/2012
John Bolenbaugh, Enbridge pipeline hearing, We need your help to stop them!! Uploaded 5/4/2012
PeaceOverPride 10 months ago
you’re a brave man John… My prayers are with you and your family.
Enbridge was caught following me again by a camera man (Steve Zieverink). Uploaded 5/1/2012
MrAmbrister 10 months ago
You’re the man John. You’re a human being of the highest order. Stay safe John.
2012 Oil is under the water, EPA/Enbridge are lying!!! Uploaded 4/30/2012
SMDAHL 10 months ago
A Great Service to the people. Gratitude & much Love to you for your brave journalism and action
Tar sand worker showed more Enbridge buried, 2012. Uploaded 4/30/3012
loveisblinddontblink 10 months ago
Thanks John for all you do!!

John Bolenbaugh, Pastor calls EPA and Enbridge liars. Uploaded 4/16/2012
genzigg386 10 months ago
hold there feet to the fire brother
John Bolenbaugh, Short clip of sick residents in the Michigan Tar Sand Oil Spill. Uploaded 3/23/2012
brodiebh 10 months ago
I praise you and your decisions. It was the right thing to do to sacrifice your job for the truth to be freed. Great things will happen to you, great things. The oil company, soaked in their greed, do not know. They don’t know. They would rather pay the EPA (Environmental Protective Agency) tons of money than to use that money to clean out the oil. Thank you. I appreciate what you’ve done.
John Bolenbaugh, Infrared pictures of the Enbridge tar sand oil spill. Uploaded 3/11/2012
Freestaila13 1 year ago
Keep on showing ENBRIDGE that u wont give up..
I wish u the best and good luck in making ENBRIDGE pay for what they have done.
I live far away from the place but i think it affects all people around the world
– A supporter from Germany
John Bolenbaugh – (Tar Sands) Enbridge Northern Gateway. Uploaded 2/12/2012
Durataur 6 months ago
Thank you so much, you are protecting my back yard from this horrible company. I salute you!
John Bolenbaugh, Arrested part 2 of 2, I went back out. Uploaded 1/31/2012
Julia76087 1 year ago
thank you for all you are doing! you are fighting for all the people who are to sick to fight for themselves! you are a beautiful human being, and i really hope people will support you on this journey! much love to you! thank you for caring!!
John Bolenbaugh Arrested because of Enbridge. Uploaded 1/30/2012
Mark Smoke 1 year ago
John Bolenbaugh, A day with Craig Ritter. Uploaded 1/28/2012
schoolake 1 year ago
Thank you for doing this John.
John Bolenbaugh, More proof that I reported a real Enbridge cover up. Uploaded 1/35/2012
MsMilkytheclown 1 year ago
Keep up the good fight John!

John Bolenbaugh, Part 1 of 2 Cover up video short version. Uploaded 1/10/2012
Waterlilyroot Turtleclan 1 year ago
John, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to the people in Michigan, to earth and all creations, as well to my own children.The sacrifices you make and chances you take by exposing this evil will benefit all of our children. Indifference will be the destruction of our children’s future and good people like you willing to stand up and fight will always have the support, prayers, respect and love of my family and the Ojibwe of Roseau River First Nation. Megwetch. Regina Southwind.

John Bolenbaugh, Talmadge Creek residents say Thank You. Uploaded 12/3/2011
Acguarnica 1 year ago
Proud of you mate. Continue to fight always. We support you always.
John Bolenbaugh, I support the union workers. Uploaded 12/1/2011
roseinthepines 1 year ago
I must say you have more integrity than most people. Talking to your locals, and still doing what is right.
John Bolenbaugh, New Orleans with Doctor. Uploaded 11/25/2011
neisy2362 1 year ago
Very educational, I learned a lot from this, John. Thank you so very much. We need so many more like you who are willing to risk it ALL for what is right.
John Bolenbaugh, another Enbridge spill whistle blower. Uploaded 11/24/2011
mingranneskatt 1 year ago
Brave brave man mr John, this corporate greed and rule has to stop it takes people like you wish everybody who can and are in position to rise up too, praying for your safety, blessing from Sweden
John Bolenbaugh, exposing Enbridge, News 3 WWMT Feb. 2010. Uploaded 11/23/2011
kwickkey 1 year ago
thanks John! This country needs more people like you!
John Bolenbaugh, News 3 says I was telling the truth. Uploaded 11/23/2011
Acguarnica 1 year ago
you’re my hero mate. I would love to help you uncover these bastard’s lies and deceit. Great work my great inspiration.
John Bolenbaugh, 100% proof of digging up buried oil. Uploaded 11/18/2011
YAHUWAHISKING 11 months ago
the person who made this video is a real hero
God bless, and keep exposing these scoundrels
Todd Holladay 1 year ago
way to go John!! you are there worst nightmare
John Bolenbaugh, At White House speaking. Uploaded 11/15/2011
Crimgirl33 1 year ago
This just makes me sick… We must stand up and fight for our lands and for the future of our children, I wish more people like you would stand up…. “United we Stand divided we Fall” God HELP us all!!!
Firekeepers Casino assaults John Bolenbaugh. Uploaded 11/4/2011
morangejuice 1 year ago
Saw you on C-Span this morning and had to come check out your videos. I don’t know what to say, really at a loss for words, I had no idea it was still that bad – and I’m a SW MI resident.
Would like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday and let you know, myself along with my friends and family will all be boycotting Firekeepers for you. Stay strong and don’t give up. Your voice is being heard.
John Bolenbaugh, Part 2, Seizures from tar sand oil spill. Uploaded 10/25/2011
barbiedolldreams1 1 year ago
John you are one in a million, please be safe and you are special person to be able to do what you are doing

John Bolenbaugh, Stoptarsands.org trip to see me. Uploaded 10/20/2011
Nonpeon 8 months ago
god bless you man. I love Americans (real Americans) who stand up for their rights. That hardly exists here in Europe.

coho4ever 1 year ago
You are a HERO, live long, strong and blessed be your life, safe from the demons who poison humanity…
John Bolenbaugh, Enbridge threatened residents. Uploaded 10/18/2011
mookixox 1 year ago
You are truly a gem of your community. I hope David can once again defeat Goliath with this class action lawsuit!
John Bolenbaugh, Enbridge restricted me so I couldn’t leave. Uploaded 10/14/2011
DJH2211 1 year ago
If only we had more of you guys John! The world would be a lot better.

John Bolenbaugh, Seizure of tar sand oil spill resident. Uploaded 10/8/2011
CDFoakley 3 months ago
God bless you, what a great support person you are. You remained calm and reassuring for seizure victim. Things will get better. Hang in there.

StopListenThink 1 year ago
My thoughts go out to the foks in the area that is affected. Hopefully they can do something soon instead of trying to cover this crap up.
Hang in their John – your videos are being seen more and more everyday.
God Bless you for working so hard.
John Bolenbaugh, Ben G. – Nebraska.org Uploaded 9/16/2011
gaiagale 1 year ago
the sincerity touches my heart
thank-you for telling this story …thank-you for showing the truth of gross cover-up by Enbridge
MSDS sheet for tar sand oil (Bitumen). Uploaded 8/29/2011
MSEELady 1 year ago
John, Thank you for your patriotic service to our nation – God Speed!
Occupy D.C. – Kill the Keystone XL
John Bolenbaugh, very sick kid and his mom and KAZ from YouTube. Uploaded 8/23/2011
grafdale1 1 year ago
thank you for what you are doing…this is beyond disgusting, brings tears to my eyes…have been following your vids for some time…passing on but no one wants to know. your character is most awesome.
stay well and stay safe
God bless and keep you always – Ian
John Bolenbaugh, city meeting and oil buried. Uploaded 8/20/2011
neisy2362 1 year ago
What you are doing is absolutely necessary and very courageous, John. Thank you and God bless you for it.I know how hard it is to find ANY GAINFUL employment in Michigan, and what you have done, very very few would do. I am sending this video to Senator Stabenow, just to MAKE SURE that she is a ware of what is going on in our home territory.
John Bolenbaugh, A must see, edited oil cover up. Uploaded 8/11/2011
skybirdbird 1 year ago
fight on…
John Bolenbaugh, I went to the gulf to make a video. Uploaded 7/28/2011
freedom4kaz 1 year ago
Much courage John!! You are an amazing man!!
God Bless!!
John Bolenbaugh, Phyllis is sick of the lies and her health is bad. Uploaded 7/27/2011
MrBen1160 1 year ago
sir your a good reporter keep up the great work!
John Bolenbaugh, Must see!! Video taken by Mike Bonanno. Uploaded 4/7/2011
DaemonCline 1 year ago
THANKS AGAIN FOR DOING THIS WHEN NO ONE ELSE IS, JOHN! You’re not alone in this fight! We’re not letting that pipeline go through!
Enbridge will be held responsible
euripideesshreds 1 year ago
John, you are a hero of conscience. Furthermore you are a high quality example of civil disobedience. You are a beacon of true integrity… seperating yourself like the sheep from the goats in a biblical way, walking the walk. Hey man… did you know that certain mycocillium actually break down oil and use it as food converting it all in a short (relatively) time into carbohydrates ? Please see my channel where Paul Stamets shows ya how it’s done. TPTB know all about this too. Bastards…
John Bolenbaugh, oil pictures. Uploaded 4/3/2011
rohontsiawaks 1 year ago
John Bolenbaugh assault and 3rd arrest attempt. Uploaded 4/1/2011
cramtoro 1 year ago
Keep the fight John, we need more people like you. Thanks for you valor and commitment with your town, country and with the word. There are more good guys than bad guys. We will defeat the evil eventually.!!
John Bolenbaugh, Making a commercial about hair cleaning up oil left by Enbridge. Uploaded 3/31/2011
317anastar 1 year ago
thanks john for all u do and for caring …your an inspiration
John Bolenbaugh, employee supports me. Uploaded 3/21/2011
Derek Richie 2 years ago
Thank you for what you are doing up there
John Bolenbaugh, Air boat and sleeping workers. Uploaded 3/9/2011
WonderWomanFan4life 2 years ago
dude you rock.. thank you .. thank you

John Bolenbaugh, second death threat. Uploaded 3/7/2011
raphion88 1 year ago
Mate, you are a legend. Stay strong, you’re an inspiration to everyone.
afroprepper 1 year ago
Your character cannot be bought nor can a price be put on it. These are treasures stored in heaven. Great job my fellow Michigander. AMERICA take a lesson from Him. Stand up for what you believe in.
TheWatanna 2 years ago
You are a beautiful soul in a mire if evil. keep your light shining, you are doing everything right, and I for one respect, and am in awe of you. Strength in truth. Blessings. I wish everyone was like you……
John Bolenbaugh, pissed residents. Uploaded 2/24/2011
KMDNews 2 years ago
Thank you for putting your life out there to save others Much love my friend!!
John Bolenbaugh, press footage. Uploaded 2/20/2011
Mary O 1 year ago
BURY IT OR BUY THE LAND TO HIDE IT…someone help this man fight for the land out there, please he could be harmed if others don’t stand with him. STAND UP FOR HIM NO ONE OWNS THE LAND IT BELONGS TO ALL OF US.

John Bolenbaugh, new video, Enbridge called the cops on me again for video taping. Uploaded 2/17/2011
lemmik1900 2 years ago
Yes John, thats how a man on a mission stands as a crusader. They can’t intimidate you…. or smoke screen the truth. Keep the courage up. Make them clean it! We are watching the developments
John Bolenbaugh, edited version Talmadge Creek. Uploaded 1/28/2011
blossombogart2 2 years ago
you certainly are the guy to do it…..good luck…great jjob
John Bolenbaugh, Squaw Creek edited version about Enbridge and EPA oil that was left behind. Uploaded 1/26/2011
annie46664 2 years ago
Keep up the good work & good luck with your case.
You only deserve to be highly commended & compensated for your unfair dismissal & consequential losses incurred.
~South Africa~
John Bolenbaugh, press with me to show oil left by Enbridge and the EPA. Uploaded 1/21/2011
MercuryReliance 2 years ago
Keep up the good work, John. I am going to speak to a ‘friend’ about this. We may be able to help Battle Creek. This stuff sickens me… I am sorry you are going through this. Peace.
John Bolenbaugh, edited video with residents, Enbridge, EPA. Uploaded 1/15/2011
sykopath33niner 10 months ago
all the way from Australia with love. im sure you people understand what you are up against but i wish you all the strength in the world to fight this. never give up, no institution or faculty is stronger then morality.

John Bolenbaugh, I am not a disgruntled worker, I am only reporting the truth. Uploaded 1/9/2011
Dt0x75 2 years ago
Let me see if I get this since its the first time im seeing your videos. You seem very respectable to me…So you expose them not cleaning up all the oil and they fired you? Is that the jist of it?…. This happened to another guy up here in NY when he called out the EPA and NYC Water Dept about dangerous levels of Mercury in the Cities drinking water. They ridiculed him, fired him, harassed him at his home, made threatening phone calls and publicly humiliated him. Dont let them beat you
John Bolenbaugh webcam video December 21, 2010, 1:29 PM. Uploaded 12/21/2010
dryflyguyok 2 years ago
Your issue is all of ours..its global stewardship in the name of whats right. Regardless of the Brass!! You have intestinal fortitude young man,we all support you. Peace