What you are helping with.

I make signs for exposure. making signs to tell the world about corporate corruption.

I travel to events to share information. OVER 200 so far! traveling the country to tell the truth.

I have gave over 200 presentations so far.

I have given over 200 presentations for

I made this moble T.V. unit so I can educate the non believers. is educating the police against Big Oil.

This is the R.V. that allows the crew to travel to events and spills. RV to educate the masses.

This is a free radio show I do to give the water protector movement a platform.

Radio show to give the water protector movement a platform.

Please donate a one time or monthly donation.

In 8 years I have NEVER taken a salary. To be effective against billion dollar companies we need at least 1,000 monthly donors. Helppa has 25. I have spent every dime in my savings and from my personal job to fund this fight. I can no longer fund this crusade out of my pocket. I now have a wife and 3 children. 

I am one man and this fight is to big. Look at what I have done by myself without funding. Now imagine what I can do with funds for transportation to document spills, speak at events to bring awareness and hire teammates/security. 

CALL ME AN OPTIMIST. I believe that with your help we can save lives and protect our water.