John Bolenbaugh founder of HONOR, ENVIRONMENT, LOVE, PEOPLE, PROTECT, ALL. WATER IS LIFE!!! Oil news exposed

On a mission to expose corruption, cover ups and water contamination world wide. by

"Exposing the truth with video proof"

I will gladly die protecting Mother Earth, humanity, my Wife, Children or future Grandchildren!!!





Exposed the largest inland oil spill in history

Costing Big Oil over 1 BILLION dollars and counting

I will not stop protecting Mother Earth until I am DEAD

Help John Bolenbaugh, by joining #TeamJohnBolenbaugh and become a Big Oil Whistle Blower and a Water Protector

Please watch this film.

It will change your life forever

2 min. video, Aftermath of the Kalamazoo oil spill. 2017

Remember this is 7 years after the spill. 

Donate to help Expose Big Oil corruption and keep our water clean

RV was donated to Now my team needs gas to travel the country and document more oil spills. Your donations will be spent wisely to further fund a good fight against BIG OIL, Fracking and Water contamination. We have been to over 20 states and done over 100 presentations. My team has made a powerful YouTube video that is recruiting more water protectors daily. We are not a non profit yet. We only receive $250 a month in donations. That is only 2 days of gas, food, and expenses. We need your help. 

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I am working for you!

I know that what I am doing has saved lives and will save many more lives. I have just begun to expose corruption and cover ups of the highest levels. 

Up coming events

As soon as I financially can afford to travel with my teammates. We will be going on a national tour. Currently I am editing dozens of videos to put on YouTube very soon. 

We have to team up

Stopping Line 5 under the Great Lakes and the XL pipeline will be hard. And there are dozens more. I am trying to gather evidence so just maybe we can stop them. 


 If doing the right thing makes you a crusader, for people to listen makes you a strong persuader. Nothing is easy going against big corruption, their deep pockets come from all our consumption. Fight as you must to do what you feel and don't ever trust them when they try to deal. The journey you're on John is a journey of Light, help will come to you as you advance in your plight. God calls on some people to do what He needs and while most people won't answer, YOU'RE planting seeds. You can bet God is watching you Brother, just as sure as I write. I know you didn't ask for this but you stepped up to fight. America owes you John, they just don't know it yet but the time will come soon for big oil to regret. Adam C.


John I fully support you and what you're doing and I'm willing to put my life on the line by your side. Micheal N.

John Thank you for all you do.  You are one of my heroes and I AM now looking into Independent Journalism. Yeshahy D.

  What makes a man like John expose this while thousands before him keep quiet. I already know  the answer. John has high levels of chemicals in the brain that produce empathy, it's also how he was raised, with high morals. Art K.    

John Bolenbaugh you are a true American Hero. I shared this video on all social media platforms.  Much Love & Respect from Florida. Valarie J.


  Hope they find something easily treatable for Johns illness. God bless you Courtney Bolenbaugh for being such an amazing wife. This has got to be so stressful and exhausting at times. You both are so appreciated and Loved. John you are a warrior!!   Ronda H.


My name is Robert Corr and beverages are my life, when I met John, I could feel his passion for the  RIGHT THINGS TO DO ! I reached into my pocket and I only had fifty's for bills, so I gave him two for the cause of keeping him out there, looking out for all of us..  dig deep and send him cash..... be good and give until it feels great. Bob C.

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