Navy Veteran & Oil supervisor turned Whistleblower to protect his

Navy Veteran & Oil supervisor turned Whistleblower Founder of

What you are helping with.

I make signs for exposure. making signs to tell the world about corporate corruption.

I travel to events to share information. OVER 200 so far! traveling the country to tell the truth.

I have gave over 200 presentations so far.

I have given over 200 presentations for

I made this moble T.V. unit so I can educate the non believers. is educating the police against Big Oil.

I travel around in my R.V. documenting oil spills but I also give presentations all over America.


This is a free radio show I do to give the water protector movement a platform.


Please donate a one time or monthly donation.


A monthly donation of $11, $22, $33, $44, or $55 can be very powerful in this fight to protect our Water. 

In 10 years I have NEVER taken a salary. To be effective against billion dollar oil companies we need at least 100 monthly donors. Helppa currently  (2019) has 15 monthly donors. 

I have spent every dime in my savings and from my personal job to fund this fight. Over $130,000 out of pocket so far. I can no longer fund this crusade out of my families personal income. I now have a wife and 3 children. 

I am one man and this fight is to big. Look at what I have done by myself without funding. Now imagine what I can do with a team and funds for transportation to document spills, speaking at events to bring awareness and to hire staff. 

CALL ME AN OPTIMIST. I believe that with your help we can save lives and protect our water. 

We are a 501 C (4)

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